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Café York Blend Coffee in Caddy

There is nothing everyday about this everyday blend. Instead, this medium roast 100% Arabica coffee delivers a medium-bodied, clean taste and complex finish. The perfect go-to blend any time of the day.

Classic Earl Grey Tea

Drawing on two centuries of English tradition to ensure the perfect experience, selected tea is lightly scented with bergamot. Each sip is smooth and distinct against a background of sunny southern citrus.
Each pack contains 10 string and ten teabags.
Weight: 30g

Delicate Afternoon Blend Tea Caddy

Darjeeling is often known as the ‘Champagne of teas’ and yields a light, musky spiciness or ‘muscatel’. Its delicate flavour is perfectly balanced with the addition of Assam tea, which boasts a brisk, malty flavour and strong, bright colour. Created especially for drinking in the afternoon on its own or with a splash of milk.
Weight: 0.30 Kg
Ingredients : 50%Darjeeling tea, 50% Assiam tea

Elderflower & White Grape Presse

Blended with lightly sparkling spring water and a little white grape juice to bring out the sweetness in the flowers. A drink that’s’ as sophisticated as it is refreshing.
Weight : 275ml
Ingredients: Carbonated spring water, white grape juice from concentrate (4.8%), sugar, artichoke extract, elderflower extract, natural flavourings, citric acid, sucralose.Carbonated spring water, white grape juice from concentrate (4.8%), sugar, artichoke extract, elderflower extract, natural flavourings, citric acid, sucralose.

English Breakfast Blend Loose Tea Caddy

Made from rich-golden Kenyan Kangaita Pekoe and combined with new season Assam finest second flush. The result is a suitably strong brew with a full-bodied flavour which lends itself to a dash of milk. Enjoy a cup as part of your morning routine, especially if said routine involves a cheeky Eggs Benedict or Full English!
Weight: 0.30 Kg
Ingredients: 100% Black tea

Green Tea With Jasmine Blend

A well-blended sencha green tea, which yields a bright green liquid and a fresh, grassy flavour, with a light and floral jasmine-scented green tea. Enjoy just as it is or with cucumber sandwiches if you’re feeling particularly refined!
Weight : 0.30Kg

Green Tea with Rose Petals Tin

Young, delicate green tea leaves are infused with the scented whisper of rose petals.
Weight: 45g (15 Tea Bags)
Ingredients: green tea, rose petals, soursop flavour.

Meridian Tea Kettle Slate

• 7″w x 9.5″d x 9.25″h.
• 2 qt.
• Enameled steel body in Slate.
• Stainless steel cap; lid and handle in Chrome plate.
• Solid acacia wood handle and lid.

Peppermint Tisane Blend Loose Leaf Tea Caddy

The soothing benefits of peppermint have long been known to aid digestion and clear the head. Carefully dried to preserve their flavour, blended peppermint leaves with a handful of safflowers, one of the world’s oldest crops which, in past times, was used to aid insomnia. The resulting tisane is naturally caffeine-free and makes the perfect after-dinner tonic.
Weight : 0.30Kg
Ingredients: 95% Peppermint, 5% safflowers